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SOC 320

Emulex SOC 320InSpeed® SOC 320 Embedded Storage Switch

Key Features
20-ports, 2 or 1Gb/s per port speeds
Automatic Trunking fully multiples bandwidth with failover pathing
Fairness & Prioritization eliminates "drive starvation" problems
Advanced diagnostics, performance monitoring and fault isolation automatically ensure maximum storage system availability
Compatible with InSpeed Embedded Storage Switches and other InSpeed SOC's to deliver fully switched infrastructures for ultimate RAS and performance


The InSpeed® builds on the success of the first generation of InSpeed technology, delivering new features such as Automatic Trunking and integrated Fairness and Prioritization to guarantee equal access to all drives. The InSpeed SOC 320 brings point-to-point switched connectivity to the individual drives in the storage array, enabling new drive-level diagnostics and preventative maintenance and eliminating the single-point-of-failure risks that each individual drive poses to the entire drive shelf and sometimes the entire storage array.

It is ideal for:
Transforming traditional JBODs (Just A Bunch of Disks) to highly reliable SBODs (Switched Bunch Of Disks) by placing switched connectivity between the storage controller and the individual drives in a disk or tape storage system to achieve up to 3-times performance while scaling improvements, and automatic problem diagnosis and corrective action down to the drive level.
Delivering a Fully Switched Infrastructure when implemented as an SBOD® in conjunction with Emulex InSpeed Embedded Storage Switches as Root Switches to obtain maximum RAS and up to 3-times performance while scaling improvements, and up to 5-times with the use of Automatic Trunking.
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