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Scalar 10000

ADIC Scalar 10000The Scalar 10K is the SAN-enabled enterprise library that lets IT departments consolidate storage in a single, easily managed resource. It is the industry's first capacity-on-demand library, delivering built-in room to grow and allowing users to increase storage by activating additional capacity whenever they need it.

Capacity-on-demand—Lets IT departments activate additional storage while paying only for the storage they actually use
Qualified storage network interoperability means seamless integration into new or existing SANs
Single robotics design provides higher performance and reliability at a lower cost
Up to 324 drives
Supports LTO and TS1120 technology; provides easy technology migration and options for mixed-media operation
Fully redundant architecture option—Dual robotics, controllers, power, and library control paths for continuous operation
Five slots per second inventory speed; auto-discovery and auto-calibration of all components for rapid configuration
Superior floor space density


The Scalar 10K operates seamlessly in new or existing storage networks. It supports multiple protocols and fabrics at the same time, providing industry-leading scalability, capacity, availability, and technology independence. A fully redundant library architecture option supports dual robotics, controllers, power, and library control paths to provide continual access to data through virtually all service operations.
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