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Scalar 100

ADIC Scalar 100The Scalar 100 is a midrange library that offers a powerful combination of industry-leading density, trouble-free scalability, and advanced storage networking technology.

Industry-leading value: Enterprise-class data protection at entry-level pricing
Industry-leading density with 57.6TB in only 14 rack units
Scales from 1 to 6 drives and from 15 to 72 cartridges to meet growing storage needs
Choice of easy-to-implement iSCSI or full FC connectivity upgrade option via the SNC or Native Fibre drives
Space-efficient design maximizes limited server room real estate
Seamless growth path: Scalable design allows cost-effective and easy expansion without using pass-through ports
Built-in partitioning: Can operate as three separate libraries for even higher value and convenience
Qualified storage network interoperability means seamless integration into new or existing SANs
High availability features such as built-in diagnostics, redundant power supplies, and a 1,000,000 cartridge-change rating provide industry-leading reliability


The Scalar 100 supports from 15 to 72 tapes and from one to six drives, depending on technology choice and configuration. Supported drive technologies include LTO and SDLT. Adding capacity is easy. Upgrades take less than 10 minutes¬óno changing your rack system or adding elevators or pass-through ports. The Scalar 100's storage networking options enable iSCSI or Fibre Channel (FC) connectivity for today's backup consolidation needs. An FC option provides intelligent features to improve SAN backup performance and reliability. An iSCSI option provides an easy-to-implement connectivity choice that lets servers share a single library over standard Ethernet.
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