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ADIC FastStor 2

ADIC ADIC FastStor 2FastStor 2 autoloader provides an affordable, alternative to manual backups. With its 8-tape cartridge capacity and proven performance levels, FastStor 2 provides a week or more of unattended backup at a price comparable to standalone drives.

Safe and reliable—8-tape capacity provides a week or more of reliable unattended backup and automated file restore
Affordable—automated backup at the price of standalone drives
Compact size—2U form factor is the optimal storage solution for rack-based server installations
Easy to install and operate—dedicated backup administrator is not required
Remote management interface—supports remote locations while reducing management time
Barcode reader—delivers instant media identification and inventory for easy management and improved reliability


FastStor 2 is ideal for remote or distributed server backups or LAN backups, and eliminates the time and risk of daily tape loading. FastStor 2 is easy to install—units mount in only 3.47 vertical inches (2U) of standard rack space—and its 4-key LCD interface makes it easy to use. Backed by a trouble-free service guarantee, FastStor 2 is a reliable and affordable backup solution for today's high data growth environment.
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